Overcoming Your Fears of Going Live on Facebook

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019

Everyone is scared. Trust me. Even those lovely bold fitness gurus you love to follow and the ladies who review those blackhead vacuums and new eyeshadow palettes.

So what’s the difference between you and them?

They did it anyway. 

They took action in spite of their fears.

Here’s why….

We ALL have something to contribute. I know you don’t believe me right now and those little voices in your head are saying “sure Daphne, but you don’t know me, I don’t have anything that would help people”…

Why would you ever listen to that voice???

Because you have a belief that it is trying to protect you! 

So here’s how to fight it.

I want you to think about the thing that you are most passionate about. That you can speak for hours about. What do you and your girlfriends talk about non-stop and get fired up about??

I don’t care if it’s personal development, make-up or your Pokemon card collection. There is something...

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Should I buy a rental property?

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2019

Great question!

My answer will always be "YES!".

To be honest, I’m not sure I have EVER heard a single story of someone who regretted it.

Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, I’ve just never heard of it!

When I came home from singing on cruise-ships, buying wasn’t even on my radar. I was looking for a place to rent….

Then my friend (THANK GOODNESS!!!) laid down some wisdom. 

“Why would you pay rent to someone else and pay off their mortgage when you can pay off your own?”

Cue: Heavenly voices

I am literally indebted to this friend for this one piece of advice for the rest of time. It’s why I now have a real estate portfolio that has launched me into millionaire status at the ripe old age of 40. 

There were obstacles for sure, so if you’re not up for figuring this out, you may not be a rental property kinda person….

First obstacle: There was NO WAY I was qualifying for a mortgage on my own. 

Well to be...

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Network Marketing - Cult or Genius Business Model?

network marketing Feb 22, 2019

Ok, let’s get super real. 

I am completely biased.

After making over half a million dollars in network marketing, I am now in a unique position to look at both sides of the coin, because I left my first  company for another one for exactly one primary reason. I did not feel aligned with the culture of the team I was on.

Let’s back up a little so that you can get a more complete picture of my experience.

I started my MLM business with my first company to supplement my income as a flight attendant. I loved all the free flying privileges, but was broke when I got to my destination. I wanted something flexible that would provide me some extra cash.

I started and quickly my business grew. I was excited about it and I told everyone. My enthusiasm was contagious and in under a year I had a achieved the rank that is coveted by many MLM-ers, where I was “gifted” a fancy set of new wheels.

I’m not sure exactly when things started to change, but I...

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