The Girl Behind the Laptop

I know that when I’m getting ready to work with someone I want to know, who is this person? What makes her qualified to help me get results in my life and business? How can she help ME? How could she understand what I am going through?

Am I an Instagram expert? Nope. Am I a published author? Not even a little bit! .....but bear with me! Here’s what I am…..

A regular gal who has, at one point, been that girl, laying on the floor, sobbing, wondering why nothing was working and feeling like it wouldn’t get better, but I came through the other side, a better, more vibrant, joyful version of myself!

So, if you can relate to the Daphne that was crying on the floor.....keep reading....

In 2015 I had hit an all-time low. My business was in decline, I was miserable, I was at my heaviest weight, I had just had the most serious relationship of my life end without any notice and I was a barely working actor/singer to boot!

How did I get HERE? Laying on the floor with my poor pup wondering what was going on....

I’ll start further back....

After I was done getting my degree and attending a couple of years of college to work on my musical theatre skills, I realized I wanted more consistent income and did not want to be working in a bar.

After dabbling in Arts admin, I booked a life changing gig. I became a singer on a cruise ship!

Having traveled all over the world I knew that I would not be able to move forward unless I set down some roots. When I started looking at rental options back home I realized I had zero interest in paying someone else’s mortgage and wanted my own.

In order to pay that mortgage I needed a steady gig and became a flight attendant. Although this satisfied the steady income requirement (a whole $24000/ year!) and travel perks I knew that this was not enough for me. I wanted more!

So I started a small side hustle in Network Marketing and eventually grew it to a business of over 2.5 million dollars of volume a year.

Through that experience and all the mistakes I made, I was forced at my lowest point (remember the floor????) to really examine my mindset and how it played out in my life.

I was confronted with the harsh realities of self-sabotage, negativity and lack of consistency that was plaguing me.

Through personal growth, working with professionals and a relentless desire for self-improvement I have found the way through and have now adopted a way of coaching and training others through their blocks. My coaching style has been described as lovingly direct and authentic.

So if you’re ready to get real about what’s getting in your way and start living on your own terms, drop me a note and let’s get this going! Life is too short to waste any more time!

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