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About Daphne Moens

Daphne was a late starter and only started singing at the age of 14...but hasn’t stopped since!

This powerhouse performer has toured internationally in musicals and also as a featured cruise ship performer. When she isn’t a leading lady she loves harmonizing and singing backups for performers such as Suzie MacNeil, Andy Kim and hundreds of international Elvis tribute artists! This diverse performer can also be seen in the movies “Tormented” and “Super Detention”!

Quite by accident, Daphne fell into country music and realized this was her sweet spot. She had a knack for playing Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline and many more!

Queens of Country, Daphne’s one-woman show, showcases her ability to capture the style and essence of a range of these female country artists. This tour-de-force 50 min show is available to book now!

More often, nowadays, you will find this versatile performer on stages in and across Ontario and Canada, appearing in musicals such as the Canadian premieres of Rocky, Freaky Friday and Good Ol' Country Gospel! 

Daphne’s second CD “North Country Girl” is available for purchase by clicking on the shop button!

To work with Daphne click on Contact Us or reach out to da Costa Talent at (416) 322-6554

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