If you have your sights set on stardom and success, the first thing you'll want to do is overcome that fear of GOING LIVE......or maybe just brush up on your camera skills.
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Daphne Moens

International performer, singer, actor, entrepreneur, real-estate investor and coach. Who says "You can't have it all?" Not me!

It won’t take you long to realize that, like you, I'm not someone who can be pigeonholed as just one thing. I am an international performer, singer, actor, entrepreneur, real-estate investor and coach.

Always fighting to remain financially and artistically independent, I have truly created a ‘life by design”.

At the young age of 40 (eek!) I finally hit the elusive “millionaire” status through my real estate investments and business ventures, but it was along this journey that I found my true passion:

To help individuals “blow their own minds” and to step outside of what they think they know, while creating their dream life on their own terms.

Through my online courses and personal one-on-one coaching, you can break through the excuses and limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your life’s purpose.

Whether it’s simply becoming more comfortable in front of a camera or addressing your negative self-talk, I have BEEN there and come out the other side with massive results and can help you do the same.

Daphne, is such a genuine caring person that authentically wants to see you succeed.  She has such a big heart and will always give more than what is asked from her.  She personally help me with getting over my own fears when it came to online content.  She is a dear friend business associate and all around amazing person!

Brian Hogben


Brian Hogben


I had always admired Daphne as an entrepreneur. Her Facebook live videos always resonated with me and left me asking myself why I wasn’t putting myself out there in that way. I decided to reach out to her to see if she could help me implement a Facebook live video strategy in my business (even though I was scared to death to go live!) Daphne really helped me gain the confidence I needed to get in front of the camera. After just a couple of videos the response I got from my base was amazing people loved what I had to say! It was such a great way to reach so many people! Thank you Daphne! 

Cynthia Ostos

Real Estate Agent

Cynthia Ostos

Real Estate Agent

I know that when I’m getting ready to work with someone I want to know, who is this person? What makes her qualified to help me get results in my life and business? How can she help ME? 

Am I an Instagram expert? Nope. Am I a published author? Not even a little bit! .....but bear with me! Here’s what I am…..

A regular gal who has, at one point, been that girl, laying on the floor, sobbing, wondering why nothing was working and feeling like it wouldn’t get better, but I came through the other side, a better, more vibrant, joyful version of myself!

So, if you can relate to the Daphne that was crying on the floor.....maybe we're a fit....

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