Overcoming Your Fears of Going Live on Facebook

Everyone is scared. Trust me. Even those lovely bold fitness gurus you love to follow and the ladies who review those blackhead vacuums and new eyeshadow palettes.

So what’s the difference between you and them?

They did it anyway. 

They took action in spite of their fears.

Here’s why….

We ALL have something to contribute. I know you don’t believe me right now and those little voices in your head are saying “sure Daphne, but you don’t know me, I don’t have anything that would help people”…

Why would you ever listen to that voice???

Because you have a belief that it is trying to protect you! 

So here’s how to fight it.

I want you to think about the thing that you are most passionate about. That you can speak for hours about. What do you and your girlfriends talk about non-stop and get fired up about??

I don’t care if it’s personal development, make-up or your Pokemon card collection. There is something inside of you that I like to call your “pilot light”. It is the little flicker in your stomach when you get excited about something. It’s the thing that you can talk about or be involved with for hours and time passes without you noticing. 

Whatever that THING is, there is someone out there who has a question about it, or an interest as well. So you, in all your loveliness have something to add to their lives. YOU MATTER.

This is not a pep talk. This is not Kumbaya. This is a universal truth. The world would not be the same without you in it, so it is your responsibility to share your “YOU-NESS” with the world and touch other people’s lives.

So THAT’s why you need to "Go Live".

We live in a spectacular time.

Do you remember when in order to be seen by loads of people and share your message you had to be “chosen”…

Whether it was by a news station or a casting director, regular people were not able to just talk to thousands of people whenever they wanted! 

So embrace this glorious age of technology and share yourself with the world. Someone out there is waiting for you to go live. They are waiting for your message and your energy. They will thank you.

If "going live" or getting on camera in general is something you've been procrastinating over and something you know would benefit your business, why not reach out? I can help!

Still scared to go live??? Or are you fired up??? Let me know!!!!


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