Network Marketing - Cult or Genius Business Model?

network marketing Feb 22, 2019

Ok, let’s get super real. 

I am completely biased.

After making over half a million dollars in network marketing, I am now in a unique position to look at both sides of the coin, because I left my first  company for another one for exactly one primary reason. I did not feel aligned with the culture of the team I was on.

Let’s back up a little so that you can get a more complete picture of my experience.

I started my MLM business with my first company to supplement my income as a flight attendant. I loved all the free flying privileges, but was broke when I got to my destination. I wanted something flexible that would provide me some extra cash.

I started and quickly my business grew. I was excited about it and I told everyone. My enthusiasm was contagious and in under a year I had a achieved the rank that is coveted by many MLM-ers, where I was “gifted” a fancy set of new wheels.

I’m not sure exactly when things started to change, but I...

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